Tapas Night

Thursday 19th October


Book now for this restaurant evening featuring tasty homemade tapas dishes. 


Homemade tapas at St Julians Club


Tapas Night Menu


Pan con mantequilla £4.95
Assorted bread board with salted butter


Gordal olives  £3.50
Large green olives from Andalucía  

Patatas Bravas  (v)  £4.25
Crispy cubes of potato with a spicy sofrito tomato sauce


Albondigas £5.95
Lamb meat balls with spicy tomato sauce    


Paella Verduras (v) £4.95
Aubergine, pepper & saffron paella with panela cheese       


Croquetas de jamon £5.25
Serrano ham & manchengo cheese croquettes


Guiso de pescado £5.95
Catalan fish stew with mussels, cod, fennel & tomato    


Calamares  £5.25
Fried calamari with garlic aioli        


Gambas con ajo £5.95
Sautéed crevettes with garlic lemon herb butter   


Tortilla (v)  £4.25
Potato, caramelised onion, parsley & egg frittata  


Chorizo  £5.50
Fried chorizo with rioja, garlic & honey        


Pollo con azafrin £5.25
Chicken thigh, saffron & tomato stew, smoked almonds & raisins     


As a recommendation we would suggest you order at least 2 dishes per person



Churros   £5.25
Dusted in cinnamon sugar with chocolate sauce


Crema Catalana £6.25
with marcona almonds & orange biscuit


Pedro ximenez ice cream £5.25
Homemade vanilla, raisins & sweet sherry ice cream


Your choice of coffee will be served with homemade Turron de Alicante


  ¡Buen provecho!


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