27 July 2020 statement

We are delighted that we have successfully accommodated up to 250 members swimming each day since we opened the swimming pool on Monday 13th July.

We are constantly evolving the system to make it as fair as possible, particularly at peak times. We have listened to feedback and succeeded in establishing some small changes to the system.  The welcome desk manages bookings for both pools now and on fine days there will be a pool attendant to make sure that we can get as many members using the pools as possible.

Here are a few reminders on how you can book:

  • You can now call the day before to book your swimming slot for swimming lengths between 8am and 10am.
  • Remember that you may swim lengths any time of the day and the early morning slots are simply times that are dedicated to swimming lengths.
  • We are now booking slots for both the main pool and the slide pool. Call to book a slot on the day to secure a time in either pool!
  • Members can pre book a ½ hour slot up to the number of members in their family who are swimming.
  • You may be able to arrange an additional swimming slot on arrival at the welcome desk, depending on what further availability we have on the day. On warm days, the swimming pool attendant is also able to assist you in organizing another slot at the poolside.
  • Peak times for the pools are between 2pm and 5pm.

TOP TIP – the pools are much quieter over lunch and into the evening or on a less ‘super-hot’ day you are likely to get much more time in our warm and wonderful pools!

We try to ensure that most of our members can get more time in the pools if they want to swim again, with the assistance of the pool attendant and/or welcome desk.

If you have booked a session you will need to be here in advance of the time you have booked, if you have not signed in before the time you have booked we will give that time to a waiting member.

If you are on site and have had your swim, but would like more time in the pool, please either call the club from the pool side or speak to the pool attendant and we will do our best to give you an additional session.

Please do not book if you are not going in the water – parents are welcome to watch by the poolside.

If you have finished your session in the busiest of times and you are happy to leave the pool early, do let the pool attendant know and they can give some time to those who are waiting.

If you cannot get enough spaces in a time slot for your whole family, you can share your space with your family or a friend, as long as the maximum number of members in the main pool does not exceed 18 and there are no more than 6 in the slide pool.

There are no guests allowed for swimming or tennis.

Remember that you can come and sit next to the pool before your swimming session and that you can remain in the pool area after your session if you so desire.

We have taken on board much of the feedback that we have been given so thank you!