After weeks of no rain, the lawns and some of the specimen trees were becoming very stressed, so we were very happy to see the rain when it finally arrived! For a while it was touch and go but fortunately the gardens have survived the drought fairly unscathed.

The new garden team is working well together, and we are coming up with some great new ideas for the future of the grounds.

Thanks to Sandra’s hard work, we have been able to supply the kitchen with fresh micro herbs throughout the summer season. We are excited to say that this will carry on through the winter with some new and exciting crops.

In spite of a few minor setbacks early on, with Dimi’s hard work and dedication we have had a very successful season growing vegetables in the poly tunnel. The summer is slowly drawing to a close however this has not affected the yield of our crops, which are still going strong, especially the tomatoes and runner beans!

The garden team are now looking forward to the future and the further development of the grounds. Work on some of the shrub beds has already been started and they are currently waiting for new and exciting plants to be planted. This will infuse a whole new range of colours on the hillside, including some fiery winter colour.

The development of the adventure playground has been a great success; Julian and Davin worked hard to have the new additions open in time for the summer holiday. It’s been great seeing the children and even some grown ups enjoying the playground, which was a great feat of teamwork for all involved. More exciting features are being planned so watch this space!

Head gardener’s top tip: if you have plants suffering in the heat of the summer sun, try to resist watering in the hottest parts of the day, this can actually cause your plant to dehydrate even further: the plant will think that it’s raining and open it pores causing the plants hydrating liquids to evaporate. The best time to water is before 11AM and after 3PM but not in-between, preferably as early as possible or as late as possible.