Nanny membership

We make a special arrangement for a named nanny to be included on a family membership by prior arrangement. There is a fee for this.

Nanny membership enables your nanny to bring your children to the Club in your absence and take your place as the adult responsible for your children’s conduct and safety while visiting the Club.

You are required to ensure that your nanny understands the House Rules of the Club prior to visiting, with particular attention paid to the Swimming Pool Rules.

A nanny membership is not a separate individual adult membership. The nanny is only able to visit the Club with the children named on your membership and is not able to bring their own family or adult guests to the Club.

Nannies may bring child guests if organised and pre-paid (when applicable) by one of the primary adults of the family membership.

Nanny membership does not entitle your nanny to use of the Club without the child members they are employed to supervise.

What can my nanny do at the Club?

Supervise your children at the Club in place of you as the responsible adult member. When they sign in on arrival, they need to give their name, the family membership name and the names of your children and any child guests they bring.

Bring your children to members events.

Book tables, order food and drinks and set up tab under the family membership name. This must be paid on the day as usual. Any outstanding tabs set up by your nanny will be billed to the parent member if payment is required.

For those with Full Family membership, your nanny may play tennis with your children and take your children swimming. They must read and carefully adhere to the Swimming Pool Rules and supervise your children at the poolside.

Bring child friends of your children as your family’s guests to the Club as per the House Rules. The nanny would act on behalf of the parent member and would be responsible for these guests for the duration of the visit.

  • Social child guests need to be signed in at the welcome desk on arrival.
  • Swimming and tennis child guests must be organised and paid for in advance by the parent member.

How do I add my nanny to my family membership?

Please email the Club Secretary to add your nanny to your membership or include their details when applying or renewing.

Before the nanny membership commences the Club requires the nanny’s name and date of birth and the fee.

The nanny membership is transferable to another nanny during your membership year but only with adequate prior notice to the Club Secretary.

It is the responsibility as the primary adult member to ensure that their nanny understand the rules of the Club in particular their responsibility for the behaviour and safety of your children (and child guests) whilst visiting St Julians Club.

Most importantly we do not have lifeguards and the nanny must therefore supervise the children at the poolside when they are swimming.

House Rules

Club Rules

Swimming Pool Rules