1 April 2021 update

We have renovated our swimming pool and we are so excited to be re-opening it today!

At the end of the last swimming season we knew that the swimming pool liner, which had torn again and been patched, had come to the end of its life. The pool itself had also cracked and was leaking into the field.

The swimming pool is so central to the Club and we took the tough decision to renovate over the winter. We could not start the 2021 season with the possibility that the pool would have to close for long periods to be repaired.

We employed Alistair of Alfresco Pools to carry out the renovation. The pool has had new plumbing, been re-lined and the surrounding paving replaced. We took out the green hedge which will be replaced with a new hedge to match the area by the steps that was tidied up in 2019.

We also took out the deepest part of the pool, which was only necessary when we had a diving board. The pool is now 1.8m at the deepest point, which means it is still safe for poolside diving at the deep end. We also added steps in the shallow end for easier access to the water.

Little did we know that the Club would not be able to open as expected before Christmas because of Covid. We could not have completed the renovation without Alistair working throughout the winter with no St Julians staff to help him, plus the tireless, unpaid, hard work of the St Julians residents. We were finally able to bring our outside staff members back from furlough for the last push to complete the renovation and landscaping during March.

We are so pleased with the result and we hope you enjoy it!