Tennis Rules

  • The tennis courts may be booked by the hour, on the hour, during the Club opening hours up to two weeks ahead.
  • Nobody may play singles for more than 1 hour or doubles for more than 2 hours in any one session (irrespective of the person booking the court).  However, this rule is not applicable if the court is NOT booked for the succeeding hour and/or no-one is waiting or subsequently arrives and wishes to play.
  • If a booking is not taken up within 15 minutes of the time reserved, the booking lapses and the court becomes available to the first member claiming it. If members are waiting to use a court they must make themselves known to the players already on the court.
  • Guests may only use the courts while playing with or against members, and the guest fee must be paid in advance. No guest shall play tennis more than 4 times in any year.
  • Members are reminded that bookings and cancellations by telephone should be made during ordinary office hours or by confirmed email. Members who have booked courts and subsequently do not intend to use them are urged to ensure they are cancelled promptly in order that other members may know that the courts are available for use.